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Terry J. Gillespie, D.D.S. and staff offer an array of dental services to help you maintain healthy teeth.  You will be able to read more on this page on the specific services that are provided in our office.

Initial Oral Examination:  This consists of a visual examination, periodontal probing (to evaluate your healthy gum tissue), x-rays, oral cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

Prophylaxis (teeth cleaning):  Your teeth will be cleaned so you can maintain healthy gums and teeth.

Teeth Whitening:  We offer a whitening system that you can do at home and you would be completely done in 2 weeks.  This system is done at night while sleeping.

Fillings:  We offer natural-looking, tooth-colored composite fillings that will maintain a great smile without dark metal.

Crowns & Bridges:  When teeth are too weak to hold a filling a crown is needed.  When one or more teeth are missing a bridge is placed that spans over the area.  Both, the crown and bridge are permanent and are made of natural tooth-colored porcelain.

Dentures & Removable Parts:  When you choose to go this route, we can fit you with the proper appliance needed.

Sealants:  A sealant is a plastic coated bonded to the chewing surfaces of molars and pre-molars to protect teeth against decay-causing bacteria.  The application is painless and usually lasts 4 to 8 years and can be reapplied at that time if necessary.

Orthodontics:  Braces are applied to teeth for crowded teeth, bad bites, jays that are out of alignment and spaces between teeth.  Once you have had the braces on you will end up with a set of straight teeth and be happy to smile about it.

Periodontics:  This disease begins as an infection of the gums, which is caused by bacteria in plaque.  The infection will cause the gums to become swollen and tender and will pull away from the teeth.  If this disease is not treated it will cause bone deterioration and will eventually cause tooth loss.  To keep that great smile you will need to be sure to take care of this.

Endodontics:  We perform root canals and restore teeth to natural look and function.  Root canals are necessary when the root is exposed and causes you great pain.